"Hunting Dream"


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Gabe's Story

Hunting Dream

          My son Gabriel is 8 Yrs old and was born with spinal-bifida. He has had 18 major brain, spine, and orthopedic surgeries in the last 8 yrs. He is paralyzed from the waist down and is very limited to what he can do physically. Needless to say, there are so many activities that Gabe has to “set in the sidelines” and watch.

          All that said Gabe has a great outlook on life and brings joy to everyone that he is around. So when Gabe started asking about going hunting with me about 2 Yrs ago, I tried everything I could do to make his desire come true. But because of his surgeries and other health conditions it has never been possible. For 2 Yrs while Gabe was in the hospital not able to leave his bed or couldn’t do normal activities with other children, he would daydream of shooting a big deer or seeing huge hogs or other animals.

          Then this year I was driving by “ The Wildlife Ranch “ game ranch and thought it would be neat for Gabe to go out there and see all their animals and maybe shoot one. I called the number on the gate and was able to reach a fantastic lady. I explained the situation, Gabe’s disabilities, and his dream to see the animals and to go hunting. We scheduled our trip with assurances that Gabe would have the time of his life.

          We arrived at the ranch to meet out guide. This man couldn’t have been any nicer or more genuine, if he had been a member of our family. He took the time to show Gabe every animal he could find and answer every question we had. Gabe has never been happier, and they were right he had the time of his life.

          Its hard to see your child want to run and ride a bike, an not be able to. It’s hard to see your child in the hospital bed and not be able to help him. The worst of it is to see a child so strong mentally and spiritually, not be able to make his bodywork. Because of this I try to make the things Gabe can do very special for him.  

          Thanks to The Wildlife Ranch, this trip was very special experience Gabe has had. Now the only thing I am hearing is “ When can I go back, and shoot something with horns?” So we will be coming back to Mason soon, to visit our new friends and shoot something, maybe with horns.

          Thank you, The Wildlife Ranch, you have made a small boy’s dream come true, and opened a whole new world for him to enjoy.


(Gabe’s Dad)



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