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These are true responses sent to us at The Wildlife Ranch from Past Hunters. Some of the Names, and other statements have been deleted or abbreviated for the privacy of the personal individuals.


If you would like to respond and have your adventure at The Wildlife Ranch posted, please e-mail us at wildlife@cetsc.net or regular mail @ The Wildlife Ranch, P.O. Box 1049, Mason, TX 76856, and we will do our best to post your response.



Hunting Dream

          My son Gabriel is 8 Yrs old and was born with spinal-bifida. He has had 18 major brain, spine, and orthopedic surgeries in the last 8 yrs. He is paralyzed from the waist down and is very limited to what he can do physically. Needless to say, there are so many activities that Gabe has to “set in the sidelines” and watch.

          All that said Gabe has a great outlook on life and brings joy to everyone that he is around. So when Gabe started asking about going hunting with me about 2 Yrs ago, I tried everything I could do to make his desire come true. But because of his surgeries and other health conditions it has never been possible. For 2 Yrs while Gabe was in the hospital not able to leave his bed or couldn’t do normal activities with other children, he would daydream of shooting a big deer or seeing huge hogs or other animals.

          Then this year I was driving by “ The Wildlife Ranch “ game ranch and thought it would be neat for Gabe to go out there and see all their animals and maybe shoot one. I called the number on the gate and was able to reach a fantastic lady. I explained the situation, Gabe’s disabilities, and his dream to see the animals and to go hunting. We scheduled our trip with assurances that Gabe would have the time of his life.

          We arrived at the ranch to meet out guide. This man couldn’t have been any nicer or more genuine, if he had been a member of our family. He took the time to show Gabe every animal he could find and answer every question we had. Gabe has never been happier, and they were right he had the time of his life.

          Its hard to see your child want to run and ride a bike, an not be able to. It’s hard to see your child in the hospital bed and not be able to help him. The worst of it is to see a child so strong mentally and spiritually, not be able to make his bodywork. Because of this I try to make the things Gabe can do very special for him.  

          Thanks to The Wildlife Ranch, this trip was very special experience Gabe has had. Now the only thing I am hearing is “ When can I go back, and shoot something with horns?” So we will be coming back to Mason soon, to visit our new friends and shoot something, maybe with horns.

          Thank you, The Wildlife Ranch, you have made a small boy’s dream come true, and opened a whole new world for him to enjoy.


(Gabe’s Dad)




          I am just sending you a short note to say thanks for an enjoyable hunt. My son in law and I both enjoyed our Ram hunts. Our Guide was very helpful and patient with us.  I also enjoyed getting a hog after the ram hunt. We are trying to decide when we will be back, this time for a blackbuck or some other exotic. Thanks for an enjoyable weekend that will make my friends jealous.

I am unsure if you got a copy of the pictures our rams so I thought I would send them to you for your trophy room.


D. C.




          I just wanted to say thank you all for the hunt this past weekend. My son loved it. He asked on the way home when we were going to go do it again. Thank you for helping guide and encourage him with the Catalina hunt. Thank you for taking care of having his name in the gold list for 2005 as well.

If you could let me know how I can purchase the book when it comes out next year would be greatly appreciated.

I have added some pics of the hunt so you can add it to your web page

Thanks again for the great hunt!

P. & A.




Just a note to say hi and let you know what a great time I had at The Wildlife Ranch.

Ya’ll run a top-notch facility and I was very pleased to be a part of such a wonderful event. You made me feel very comfortable and right at home while I was down there. I didn’t know what to expect having never hunted a ranch before, but you treated me like family and I’m still glowing thinking of my adventures down there. The Red Deer was a tasty treat last night on the BBQ. I’ll be back next year to your 1st class hunting grounds.

Thanks again


W. C.




Wanted to just take the time out to thank you for your hospitality and for taking my dad and I out to hunt this past Sunday. Enjoyed having to work a little to get the Fallow. Although my dad didn’t shoot anything, we both had a great time. Will defiantly come out again. Probably will want to get some type of antelope or hard antlered Axis in late spring before it gets to hot and give my dad a chance to take one. Will DEFINITELY want to book either trophy or managements whitetail buck hunt this fall each. Please advise when you will start booking either one of these whitetail hunts. Will also refer your ranch to any of our hunting friends and acquaintances that aren’t to whooped and still allowed to hunt.





             I just wanted to send an email thanking each of you for our recent hunt. Not only did we get to meet some extremely nice people but also had an excellent hunt. The facilities were good and just what was needed after a day of driving and hunting. We had an excellent guide that worked hard for us during our hunt. The office Staff was great. They not only booked our hunt but also let us know what to expect and if any questions came up they were there to answer them for us. I am looking forward to my next visit, as my son wants to come down and go on a Ram hunt also. Which also means I will be hunting again. In closing I just want to say THANKS for the effort in insuring we had a successful hunt and a great time.





We had a great time. With an excellent guide and very informative, we will be back.





Thank you very much for the pictures. They are good; I will be looking at the web page to see if they show up. We enjoyed the time spent in Mason and the hunts were great. We all said we would do it again. Our Guides were wonderful and did there jobs great. They made us feel at home and were willing to assist with anything we needed. Thanks again for a great hunt and experience we will forever remember.





   I’m not interested in you advertised hunt at this time, but, thanks for sending me an email letting me know about it. I greatly appreciate it. I will however, be seeing you all in March when my son and I return for another hunt. It will be my son and I only this time; my wife and daughter will be staying home. It’ll be neat adventure for my son and I to travel across the country, just the two of us. We’ll be seeing you all soon!

Take care





Thanks for a wonderful time my cousins and I had. I will send a picture of the mounts of our Rams. Will book another hunt soon!

Take care and have a great day!





We had a great time with ya’ll and our guide did a great job putting us on the game. I am sure we will be back in the years to come.

Best regards.





I thought I would drop you a line and tell you all about the good times we had over there. The guys have not stopped talking about your place. They have already started talking about next year. We are bringing more guys also. It was the little touches that set your operation apart from the others. Such as going for the videotape when you didn’t have to or the pictures you had given us of our animals. We enjoyed hunting with your group and we will be back for more of the same.

P.S. I think I have my wife talked into going with me.

Talk to you soon





We wanted to thank you for a superb weekend of hunting. Had a great time and is looking forward to another weekend on your place. I had the most memorable time of my life. I enjoyed the beauty of the place and seeing so many different animals. We truly thank you for your time and patience in showing us a wonderful time.

D. & B. M.




Thanks for the great time. The time spent with my son and you guys was great. Please take care.





I want to say “Thanks” for all the effort you put into helping me collect my Texas Dall. He is a Great sheep and I am very pleased. I hope to be back for my Mouflon. I have enclosed a few pictures. Hope you enjoy them.

My best wishes





Thank you for another great Ram. I appreciate your dedication and hard work more than you know. I am so pleased to have been able to fill my Texas Slam with all gold metal Rams. Without your help this would never have happened. Please express my sincere gratitude to all the fine people at The Wildlife Ranch. You folks run a first class operation. I would not dream of hunting anywhere else. Any money spent with you is money well spent. My guide locate me a big Catalina! I will be back at the first hint of cool weather. I will also bring Jeff and Chris for a Ram each. Until then, Best wishes





Hi!!!!! I had so much fun at your ranch hunting wild boar, Thank you very much indeed!! My guide is a super fellow!! He was awesome. He made my visit very enjoyable.  Thank you once again. I flew down from Ontario, Canada & had an absolute Blast (Literally) I look forward to once again coming down to Mason & Hunt with my friends! Our hunts were exciting & FUN!! All you can ask for from an outfitter…

All the best



I would like to take a quick moment to sincerely say thank you for an awesome weekend.  The lady in the office was more than helpful and very friendly.  Our Guide was also very down to earth and full of patience while taking my 9 year old step-son on his first official hunt for himself.  My step-son got to harvest a big mature 4 horn ram.  To see the joy and excitement on his face made everything worthwhile.  I think I was just as excited or maybe more.  Bragged to everyone, shown pictures and the video to everyone he knows.  I was also with the nice animal that I was able to take with a bow. The whole weekend was great as accommodations.  We are already planning to come back in a few months for my step-sons 10th birthday.  After seeing literature, pictures we took, and the video, grandpa said he is coming to hunt with us as well.

See you in January!!!

Thanks again,



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